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Send an email in workflow

Hello there,

When the process goes through Send email step, it breaks.

Is there a way to add the plug-in Send Email as an action?

I want to continue the full process after having the email sent.

here is a hint :wink:


Thank you.

Put your condition inside a branch. That way, once the branch has completed, control returns to the trunk.

Well in your case, you have setup a condition which send an email if its true or execute the SOAP plugin when it is false.
If you wan to send an email when it is true and execute the SOAP plugin no matter what then you need to

  • branch before your condition
  • In the branch setup your condition that send an email if true and delete if false
  • when back into the previous branch, execute the SOAP plugin

Hope that helps.

Dear @Phil and @hamelj,
Thank you for your responses,

The process of having my condition inside a brunch works only if false

Here is another image for better elaboration.

Basically, on step 7, I check the return from the soap “Path to an image on the server” if it exists.
A local variable becomes 1 if exist and 0 otherwise.

In step 9, I simply check the value of my variable if = 0, (true - image not found on server) then run the script where (an image is forced to my PDF) and send a notification email that the soap didn’t work as expected.

It is very important that the workflow process continues until the end regardless of my condition’s results.

Thank you for your guidance.

It doesn’t matter what the result of your condition is in Step 9: since the condition is inside a branch, the process flow ALWAYS returns to the trunk (unless an error occurs in one of your tasks, obviously).

It is working, Thank you :).