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Send Final Count Summary via Email


I searched for an answer to this question for several days now, and most responses are going in a direction that does not work for me.

When we were using PP7 Suite we were able to generate a Print Summary page with counts that would print at the end of the job. I know this is not available with Connect, but I am hoping I can at least generate this information to an internal email when the job is done running through Workflow.

Basically I am hoping to get the the counts into the JobInfo Variables (%1-%9) so I can add them to my Send Email function.

I am seeing ways to pass info from Workflow to Connect, but not the other direction from Connect to Workflow.

I am hoping this is not all to vague.

The main projects I will use this for are PDF Datamapped jobs where all I am adding are datamatrix barcodes for our inserting equipment.

The PDF Datamapper is generating my Set Breaks, and Design is adding the Barcode and splitting the file by Sheet count 1-6 into a #10 envelope file, and 7-largest in a large envelope file.

Please disregard this post. I just found that we are still running the 2022.1 version of Connect. I have our IT manager set to update us to the 2022.2 version this weekend. I will review the update and see if what I am after is available there.

Thank you,