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"Send to Folder" outputs CSV file when "Create Output" creates multiple files

The scenario is documented, however it is unclear to me how to handle a Create Output task that might or might not separate the document.

From the documentation:

  • Through Workflow: Select to replace the current job file with the output produced by the server. Every option in the Output Preset is still used, except for the output location.
    Note that when the output is separated, the current job file is not replaced with the actual output files but with a CSV file that lists the paths to the outputted files (e.g. “C:\Users\Administrator\Connect\filestore\3836.2859982401376467470\template_0001.pdf,C:\Users\Administrator\Connect\filestore\3836.2859982401376467470\template_0002.pdf,…”).

If I have a Create Output task that always produces a multiple file result, I could implement the CSV handling to move the files to the desired location with additional workflow steps.

If I have a Create Output task that sometimes produces a multiple file result, how can I implement a workflow logic where I determine if the output is split or not?

Simply look at the first characters of the output file. If it is a PDF, it will always start with %PDF-. If it does it is a PDF, if not then it is the CSV file containing the path and name of the actual PDFs.

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Thanks! Didn’t know about the characters at the beginning :pray: