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Send To WorkFlow on a different subnet

Can I manually add a Workflow server if it is not detected by my Designer application. I am on a different subnet than the production print center where the Workflow server resides. A designer app located on that subnet detects the Workflow server OK so I’m thinking its just a broadcast message being stopped by the routers.

Is it possible to manually add the Workflow IP address to Connect Designer like I had to do with the old PlanetPress Suite 7 Designer?


No you can’t (yet): this is an improvement we have planned for a future release. In the meantime, you have to save the package to a file and send it to your workflow manually.


My designer isn’t detecting the workflow server even on the same subnet. I can connect to the print server located on the same machine, however there is no option to “Send to Workflow”, only the “file” option

Why wouldn’t it be detected?

I’d say the Messenger Service isn’t running. This is the module that handles communications between Workflow and other components,

Open the Windows Services console and check if the PlanetPress Workflow Messenger 8 service is running. Make sure its Startup type is set to “Delayed start” and that is current status is Running.

The Messenger service is running on the host server as described above, On the client that service doesn’t exist, should that be the case or do I require a reinstall?

It must exist on both systems for them to communicate.

You will need to install it on your system, through the Workflow Installation. No need to install the full application, you can just pick Messenger from the list of components and uncheck all the other components.

Note that one of our next releases will include automatic installation of Messenger along with the Designer tool.

There might be an issue with network firewalls on either end. You need to make an exception for Designer and Messenger, or unlock the TCP and UDP ports 5863 and 5864.

Almost 4 years and I don’t know how many versions later I have the same question: “Can I manually add a Workflow server if it is not detected by my Designer application”?

Did you add this option in any version up to 2019.2?


Not yet, unfortunately.

@Phil is this available yet

Nope. Too little demand for it, unfortunately, and since it would require the software to change how it communicates with remote servers, the development effort is hard to justify commercially.

@Phil ok so I always have to be logged onto the same server as the workflow service is installed on to send to be able to send to workflow? If this even if it’s in the same subnet etc

No, on the same subnet it should work. You just have to make sure your Workflow instance allows other machines to send resources to it. More info is available in this online help page.