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Sending Email to specific records

I have a record set of approx 2000. I need to send emails to approx 120 specific records based on member number. Can this be achieved through workflow by using some sort of OR statement stipulating 120 unique member numbers?

ie. “234534” or “68484” or “78428” etc

You could do this through the Datamapper. Simply setup a condition and in the True branch, add an Action with Type= Stop Processing Record.

This way, only the records with the condition to true will be emailed.

So it can’t be done via workflow?

Of course…but you will need to use the Send Email plugin of Workflow.

Basically, you will do the following steps:

  1. Input data file
  2. Splitter (to split your data per record)
  3. Use a script as a condition where you will check if the current record matches your condition
  4. On the True branch, setup your email using the Send Email plugin.

Another way would be through the Retrieve Items task.

  1. Datamap your data.
  2. Use the Retrieve Items task to retrieve only the data records you want to send.
  3. Send the retrieved items to the Create Email Content task.

This assumes that there is some kind of pattern that you can use to retrieve the items.

The record set contains unique member numbers so there is no pattern per say, I have a separate list of approx 120 of the member numbers that’d need the email sent to them

Thanks. I’m not much of a programmer. Could you point me in the right direction of how to write a js or vb script to select 120 unique members numbers from my data mapped record set?

You can also try to use the metadata filter plugin.

  1. Datamap your data with “Output records in Metadata”
  2. Load your list as external file (metadata from Connect Datamapper will be present)
  3. Change the emulation (if necessary) to the emulation of your list
  4. Use a splitter plugin to iterate through your loaded list
  5. Within that loop you can use the plugin “Metadata Filter” there you can set a condition to compare the list entry with the entries in the metadata file
  6. Execute your Connect Email Template (it will be executed per record)

Not that elegant but that should work without scripting and you can use your list directly to filter the records.