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Sending to multiple email addresses


Hi - I have an email template that works fine when there is only one email address to send it to. Sometimes I get my xml data returned with up to four email addresses separated by a semi-colon ( ;). I thought maybe my email would send to all of the addresses but it doesn’t. I tested with three email addresses and it only sent and email to the middle email address. Is there something I need to do to get emails to all addresses?



Can you test sending to these email addresses from Outlook, all in the same To: filed and using the same provider?

Just to check that the addresses aren’t the culprit


two of the addresses are my personal addresses and the other is my work address. They are good email addresses.


Also, I am using Mandrill. When I look at the outgoing, it says it was delivered to all three addresses. But I only get one email


Which one do you get?

Try changing the order of the addresses as a test


ok - I figured it out but still kind of confused and concerned. I can get an email to all three email addresses if I send them separately. When I sent them to the three addresses at the same time, two of them went to spam. I released them and can now get them. Maybe its something to do with Mandrill but I send to my work email all the time when testing in production. This was the first time I actually sent more than one email address at the same time.