Set Job Infos and Variables

I have a job where I read upto 50000 pdf files.
From those files I need to extract the name and address info so I can postal sort.
When I use the “Set Job Infos and Variables” action, a bunch of the records will come out with empty fields even though I can see the data in the pdf.
If I rerun the same pdf it can come out fine.
Currently I extact the fileds and export them to individul txt files for each corresponding pdf.
I have actually had times were it pulls data from the 2nd or 3rd page of the pdf not the first that I have specified. I’ve even had it pull the folder name from the folder capture.
To me it looks like a memory leak.
I didn’t/don’t have this problem on PlanetPressWorkflow just OLConnectWorkflow.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

It’s possible the logging causes a memory issue: the Set Job Infos and Variables task can be pretty verbose in its log messages. And as you may or may not know, the entire set of log messages for a process is held in memory until the process has completed before the messages are actually written to the log file. So if the process goes through 50K files at once, the amount of memory needed to hold all log messages in memory could cause an issue.

You could try lowering the logging level in Preferences>Plugin>General and see if that helps.
Alternatively, you could use a simple script to assign the data to JobInfos and variables (since a script only logs minimal information, unless you tell it to log more using Watch.log()).