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Setting stroke color in cotg.Signature



I was looking arround in the documentation and it is currently not possible to set the stroke color used with the SVG object that is created with the cotg.Signature element.

(I cannot copy the whole SVG object but so we get the idea)
<path stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="4" fill="none" d=

It would be nice to set the stroke attribute on the svg object itself. Currently on IOS it is blue and on Android it is black, I want to change it on IOS that the stroke color is also blue.

I looked arround in the cotg-2.0.0.js but I think the creation of the handdraw tool is embed within the application (makes sense since it is part of the navigator object).

Or am I just missing something here?

(I have a work arround for now, but hey, new options and configurable options are never bad to have right :slight_smile: )?


At this stage there is no option to change this (and you are right this is controlled by the app). I’ll log it as an improvement request.