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SharePoint Connector

Does the SharePoint Connector work with SharePoint Online? And in general, would there be PP support for O365?

Not yet but we are actively working on it. The next version of Connect will include a couple of connectors to Office365 applications, but SharePoint unfortunately won’t be one of them. It is, however, the next application on our list so hopefully it will be available in the following release.

Hi Phil

Does that mean that the next version 2020.1 does not contain the sharepoint connector - but it will maybe be in the next next version 2020.2 ?

Right now I have a customer who need the plugin, then I will properly have to develop a 3. party upload tool for Sharepoint until it is available in PP

The Office 365 SharePoint plugins are scheduled for 2020.2.

Looking at the SharePoint Connector help file for 2020.1 it doesn’t list versions 2016 or 2019. Are either of those “on-premise” editions of SharePoint supported?

The SharePoint connectors have not been officially tested on those platforms, but I believe they should work properly.

Are the PlanetPress Connect v2022.1 SharePoint Connectors are compatible with SharePoint 365?

Same question! Just installed 2022.1, and playing around with an existing process that was outputting to a folder. Hoping to send that output to SharePoint soon.