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Sheetsize for PS files

I’m trying to make some output creations that saves my run as .ps. It seems that there are restrictions for the final sheet size.

297mm or less. Is there a specific reason for this, and is the some sort of way to overwrite this?

I’m guessing you’re using the Generic PostScript Level 3 Printer Definition, right?

That PDC is configured with a max paper size of A4, so 297mm wide and 420mm tall. Your configuration should work if you reverse your height and width and allow the portrait/landscape orientation setting to do it’s thing.

Alternatively, you could consider manually altering the PDC. You’ll find it here:


Just make a copy of it and open it in your text editor of choice. It’s a simple XML format. You’re looking for the Capabilities section and you’ll want to modify the maximum dimensions values.

 <capabilities speedPPM="100" speedMPS="100" printerType="CUTSHEET" nativeSlipSheetSupport="false" jog="false" plex="NONE" printerTech="NONE" resolution="300">
<maximumDimensions width="297mm" height="420mm"></maximumDimensions>

You’ll also want to rename it internally (the name node at the top of the file) to avoid interferring with the one that comes with the software.

Finally, re-import your copy into Designer and select it instead of the default Generic one. Just be sure to keep backups of everything in case it doesn’t work.