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Shifting variable

Hello, I hope I’m in the right section for this question. Basically, I’m having trouble with variables.

I have one huge database of QR codes, and I need 7 different QR codes per page, problem is, if I add one QR code, it all works great, changes on every page, but if I add 7 QR codes, it stays 7 same QR codes per page, where I need 7 different ones per page. Is it possible to tell variable to start from let’s say 2th QR code from database? so I can tell for 3rd QR code to start from 3rd line in database, 4th from 4th line and etc…?

What sort of database you’re getting the data from? If you need data for 7 QR codes on one page you have to configure your data that Connect can read these in into 1 record.

Or updating to PlanetPress Connect where you have a Datamapper to set up documnet boundaries or looping through transactional data to read more than one data line per record.

I’m getting data from simple .xmls document.

I just want 7 different barcodes, on one same page/record, and I want it to read those 7 different barcodes from same xmls, so when I open second page/record it would be another 7 set of different barcodes (nr. 8-14 barcodes from database).

Do I need PlanetPress connect for that?

I think you need the data for the 7 QR codes included in one record, so you would need something like fields qr1, qr2, …, qr7 within one single record or data line.

If the data cannot provide it that way, yes, then you will be better with PlanetPress Connect, as it has a Datamapper where you may configure the raw data the way you need it (what should be quite simple in this case).

Without a Datamapper the only chance you have is to change your raw data of course.

All right, thanks, I’ll go for the upgrade.