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Show multiple records on 1 page


I’ve searched the forums and tutorials but haven’t found an answer.

I’m trying to display data from multiple records on one page. The template will print 3 cheques per page. So page 1 will need to have data records 1,2,3, page 2 will have 4,5,6, etc.

This is probably easy to do, I’m just not sure how.


Are you talking about imposition/N-UP or building an output page from multiple record (not repeating the same portion 3 times)?

I want to build an output page from multiple records. There will be 3 cheques on 1 page, all different cheques.

Sorry, I meant receipts, not cheques. We did this in v7 using groups, see attached screen shot

Then you should look at my previous link about N-UP imposition

ok, I’ll try doing it that way. I thought maybe there was an easy way to access the data in other records through a script. thanks

It is feasible to have 3 datapage in the same record but to do it it all depends of your data.

Try not to think at how you did it in PP7 as Connect doesn’t quite work like that.

ok, thanks for the suggestion. it’s too bad i have to recreate all the pp7 templates