Sign PDF with PKCS#12 certificate

I’m trying to add a certificate to a PDF I am creating with connect (2019.2). I have created a self signed certificate with a password. Added it to the output creation.
When I open the PDF, it does not show the tell tale “blue ribbon”. I tried checking if the pdf was signed using a secondary organizations validator. The validator tool’s result was that there was no digital signature in the PDF.
Has anybody tried this, and get it to work?

Hello Hubert,

You’re trying to add a digital signature to a PDF file created by Connect 2019.2, but when you open the PDF file in for example Adobe Acrobat Reader DC you won’t get the expected message that the PDF file does have a digital signature. Is that correct?

Unfortunately, you’ve created this forum post a while ago but are you currently still facing the issue?

Hi Marten,
I (we) actually created a support call for this one.
We eventually fixed the issue. It seems that the manual was not very clear on some points.