Simple XSLX to list all records

This should be simple, but it is eluding me. I have a Excel file with a single worksheet. The goal is to create a PDF or PS file that lists (i.e.; audit report) all the lines such as a dynamic table. So all Excel rows would be a single record with 900+ detail records. Added the detail to the extract, but can’t get the boundary set correct. The detail table will need to overflow to numerous pages.

If I add a repeat to extract and set the boundary with a script, how do I set it to the end of the file?
I’m not seeing the EOF value, but probably just missing it.

If I use On Field Value and look for an empty value, the Line Limit has to set to a number that I don’t know.


Can you share your anonymized Datamapper? If you can’t anonymized it, send it to me via private message