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Soap Post Return XML File Redirect

Hello I have a question, My HTTP Server Input is working correctly and my Form Submit Button is capturing the Web Form XML, My question is the XML is displayed in the browser,

Is there a way I can post a submission successful message and redirect back to my original welcome page.

The way it looks now to a user it looks like an error and like I said the data collection xml file worked like it should.

A process that starts with an HTTP Server Input, will always return something. Basically the last file found in the “pipe” of the process. In your case, you could setup a Web page and load it, using the Load ExternalFile plugin at the very.

It is that file that will be returned. It will do whatever you design it for…make sure tu rename it .html

Hello hamelj,

I attempted what you stated it just returns the html file I am loading.
If I attempt to capture the XML Form Submission via a branch before the load external file. I do not get the form submission XML.

So the Process is
HTTP Server Input
HTTP Server INPUT Configured with
Send to Folder
I do not know if this makes a difference but the MME Type is set XML\Text.

Can you provide an example of what you are describing.

Well if you are using the Send immediate response to client option, then you do not need the LoadExternalFile plugin. That is when you want to return an answer no matter if the process finished properly.

Mine is configured as so:

As you see, my MIME type is set to the type of file that will be returned.

Now should you wan to return a different HTML files once the process is finished and based on a condition, then you would use the LoadExternalFile plugin. As so: