[Solved] Additional text on odd pages, in output creation preset


I would like to print additional text consisting of:

  • ${document.nr} = The sequence number of the document per document sets created.
  • ${sheet.nr} = The sheet number per document
  • ${document.count.sheets} = Total sheets per document.

This is all and good.

Is there a way I can control which pages they get printed? For example I want it to print on every odd pages eg: 1,3,5,7 so on.

Thank you.
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Aha nevermind!

Solution is inside the condition area I set it to:

page.front == 1

Now it only prints on front page only :slight_smile:

Sorry for jumping the gun there!


Just a follow up to this.

This doesnt work if you have multiple sections.

It seems like the page.front==1 only applies to its current section.

Just for completeness. If you want to add the text on every odd page you can also use the following condition:

page.nr % 2 != 0

The additional text will be printed on every odd page independent of the section.
Same should be the case using page.front == 1. The pagenumber will be counted within one record (document) but over all sections within that document.
So if you have two sections, the first section with 2 pages and the second section with 4 pages, the document have 6 pages and your text will be printed on pages 1, 3 and 5.

If you need the text on every odd page independent of document page number (through the whole job), you can set the following condition:

page.sequence.job % 2 != 0

But than it can happen that your text will be also printed on a “back” side (document even page)…

Or what do you mean with “it doesnt work if you have multiple sections.”?

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Thats what I ended up doing (or I just make sure my document has even pages):slight_smile: Thank you