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[Solved] List of ActiveXObject that can be used in Workflow Scripts

I often see the command new ActiveXObject used in scripts. Some available objects are listed here in the respective APIs

However, today I stumbled upon a thread where a ActiveXObject not listed in the docs is used.

Is there an extensive list of the ActiveXObject usable within the workflow or some guidance on how to explorer their methods.

The ActiveX objects listed in our documentation are for the ones provided natively by Objectif Lune. There are hundreds - if not thousands - more available for all kinds of other applications, but it is up to the manufacturers of those ActiveX objects to document them.

The “Scripting.FileSystemObject” ActivX object that’s used in the thread you mentioned is a Windows-based ActiveX. Google for it and the first link you should get is Microsoft’s documentation for that object.

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Thanks for the clarification!