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[Solved] Script filter only displays first found entry for each script


I was wondering if it is by design that the script filter only displays the first entry of the search text found within a script?
The reason is that I am trying to document the uses of fields for a certain object in the scripts.
The search option will help me to find the scripts that use the object but I still need to enter each found script to find additional uses of that object.

Could you share a screendump?

Sure, here is a screenshot of the text filter I used:

As you can see there is only 1 line per script displayed.
When I enter for example the one below AddressTable (gTexts.address_loading) you can see that this text can be found twice:

That is intentional. Its purpose is to filter, not to do a full search. I agree that it would be useful to show more info though, even if we only show the number of matches in each entry and not the matches themselves.

Thank you for clarifying this. It is still useful for me, just a little more work to achieve what I want.