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Some form values lost if tablet loses connectivity and submitted


Some information filled in on the document is lost if the user submits when the tablet does not have connectivity.

  • Last Picture added
  • Dropdown value that is chained to another dropdown value
  • Some JSON fed elements

Looking for ideas how to avoid this.


Your values aren’t lost. The form you are opening doesn’t “remember” your settings. The one that you have submitted will be saved on your device and tried to be resubmitted until there is an actual connection.


If the user reopens the document after the failed submit and simply resubmit again once they have connectivity will all the information (even if the form does not display it) be sent?

Will COTG automatically resubmit without user intervention?



Resubmitting manually the form will submit a new form with whatever is on the form at the moment.

COTG will automatically try to resend over and over the first one until it succeed.


So it’s best to not reopen the document and let COTG try to send the document again correct?


That is the best course of action.


Using the Windows 10 app we are testing the automatic retry of the transmission. We have waited over 20 minutes and it has not gone. Is this different for iPad’s versus Windows 10. Also how frequently does it retry?


This is the answer I got from my guru on COTG:

There is no set interval: COTG subscribes to the Windows Notification system. As soon as Windows determines a connection is available, COTG is notified and immediately resumes sending all the jobs in its queue.


In the second warehouse the wifi can be spotty. When the end user go’s into a trailer getting loaded they can lose connectivity. The end users are submitting before they regain connectivity walking back out of the trailer at times. They are using iPad’s on the warehouse floor. What is the method that the iPad used to retry a failed submission due to lack of connection?


The App is notified when a connection becomes? available, just like in Android and Windows.