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Sorting and Grouping by Field and Size Range

I have a PDF data file of tax forms. Each document is two pages, and has a Social Security Number (SSN) that I need to use to group (there could be several non-contiguous Documents with the same SSN).

I know how to do that: Job Preset, Sort by SSN, group Documents into Document Sets based on SSN. I could go further and Separate by Document Set, if needed, in the Output Preset.

But I need another level… I want to separate my output by Size Range. After sorting and grouping by SSN, I want to further group by range of Sheets. But I can’t do that with a single Job Preset, can I? The Level Grouping is mutually exclusive to the Size Grouping, right?

Besides creating two separate maps and templates (one produces a PDF with a 2-page boundary, but sorted so that the documents are contiguous by SSN, the second maps that PDF with an “on change” boundary of the SSN, images it onto a template, and groups by Size Range), is there a better approach? A way to do this with one data map, one template, one Job Preset, one Output Preset?

EDIT: Am I mistaken in thinking that the two different Grouping options are mutually exclusive? Can I group Documents into Document Sets based on a field, and then further group Document Sets into Job Segments, all in the same Job Preset, like so? If that’s the case, then well, that’s the answer, yes?

I have a tendency to work from top to bottom, so group at the Job Segment Level, then do your size grouping at the Document Set level. But you’re correct in your re-assesement, these are not mutally exclusive. You also have the option of grouping by size first of field first (size grouping after normal grouping option).

It’s a pretty flexible system, but for some things it may still be necessary to run through two passes to get the job done. Pretty sure that’s not the case here, however.