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Specify License Server

Hi, we’ve inherited a network with some client/server instances of PrintShop Mail 7.

We’re migrating from one subnet to many subnets and currently when the client starts up it does a broadcast on the network for the licensing server. Is there a way to specify this server instead of relying on the broadcast?

Hi Anthony

This How to section is for PrintShop Mail connect as opposed to PrintShop mail 7 .

However in answer to your question this is best done through a “ licensemanager.ini ” file, which usually is located in “C:\Documents and Settings%user%\Application Data\PrintShop Mail\licensemanager.ini” or C:\Users%user5\AppData\Roaming\PrintShop Mail. You may have to be logged in with administrative rights to be able to find this file.

If it is not located on your system, you can make this file yourself through a new text document and save this as ‘licensemanager.ini’ in the above mentioned location. The file should contain:


IPAddress=“xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa” (=the IP address of the computer where LicenseManager is installed, i.e. “”) PortNr=7777


TimeOut=n (n = time in milliseconds, i.e 10000)

This will provide a specific IP address for PSM web to use.

Hope this helps