Split on metadata level and sheet count


is it possible to split output based on a metadata group (e.g. all records with the same number in a field) and also based on sheet count (e.g. split all 1000 sheets).

There is a data field “NR” with a recurring value that changes from a certain record. Each record consists of one sheet.
Value “NR1” applies to the records 1 - 2500
Value “NR2” applies to the records 2501 - 3000
Value “NR3” applies to the records 3001 - 3100

I want to group the output based on the “NR” field and separate them accordingly. At the same time, however, a group have a maximum size of 1000 sheets or, if a group has more than 1000 sheets, an intermediate separation is to be made. For each separation a separate PDF file should be stored.

File 1: “Outfile_NR1_1.pdf” (contains sheet 1 - 1000)
File 2: “Outfile_NR1_2.pdf” (contains sheet 1001 - 2000)
File 3: “Outfile_NR1_3.pdf” (contains sheet 2001 - 2500)
File 4: “Outfile_NR2_1.pdf” (contains sheet 2501 - 3000)
File 5: “Outfile_NR3_1.pdf” (contains sheet 3001 - 3100)

PS: File naming can be different as long as it is unique (NR value) and in the correct order.

Can this be implemented without workflow in Connect Designer output?

Hi Thomas,
in Connect Output Presets, when selecting separation, you can only select separate by count or a separation on metadata level.
I think you would have to use Workflow metadata splitter.

Hi Yann,
thanks for your reply. I will use a script in Datamapper where I check a field for change and based on the record count, populate a new field with a grouping number. So I can split dynamically on that new field.