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Splitting PDF - Change internal title

Splitting a large PDF file into many separate PDF files. Is there a way to rename the internal title?
Attempted to use Advanced Search and Replace, but it appears to be corrupting the PDF ifles.


If you want to edit the Title on the fly as you create the split PDFs, you will likely want to use the AlambicEdit API to perform both the output files as you split, and provide each title as you create the outputs.
Otherwise you’d have to reprocess every file in a separate step to re-write those values.
If you’re not certain of how to proceed with scripting your PDF splitting or editing the title, either wait for a good samaritan to post here, or open a support ticket and we may be able to give you a starting point for your logic.

You could also potentially use a Connect mapper with the large PDF as input, and in the output settings you configure a dynamic Title and use document separation to perform the split end result. The choice of approach will depend on what you’re more comfortable with, the performance you can get with each approach, and to some extent the limitations in size of the source PDF with each approach. I’d expect both to be able to handle quite large PDFs with Connect potentially allowing for larger ones than a workflow script. I’ll let our experts chime in on this if I’m wrong.