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Splitting XML or PDF

I set up 2 print sections in connect designer to produce invoices, one page each. The template depends on a specific data element within the XML data. Normally I will get one XML per invoice document/template but now I have one XML will several invoices and different templates. I am not sure how to handle this file so I can get the same output. Where and how should i split the data?

I was able to split the XML in the workflow and I see individual XML files were created. Now, when the file is sent to folder, it only saves one file record with the last invoice processed and when i tried opening it says its an unsupported file, could you please advise what else am i missing? This is my workflow


Most likely, you splitter is not properly setup for the new XML file format (multiple invoice/Template), which causes the splitting to generate a wrongly formatted XML output, which holds only the last record.

Try to open the XML splitter plugin with a sample of "multiple invoice/template’’ and see if it need reconfigure.