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Sporadic error - occurs after the 50th Folder Capture

After 45 to 50 iterations of a branch starting with a Folder Capture, I get the following error:
[0017] File move failed : c:\pbCCMData\MTBCI\lt1\FilesIn\AHC126773_79220_09292020_CLAIM.pdf
[0017] W3011 : Input folder error: A call to an OS function failed
Nothing shows in the event viewer or any other log i can find (Windows or PPC).
Your thoughts are appreciated.

I would check the following:

  • Is the file still there?
  • Is it open by another program / Workflow process?

It is consumed and is removed from the source location. It is different files, as i started w/ 708 and it errors out after 45 to 50 files consumed and processed. That indicates that it is not one particular file. The files are not locked in any way, i even rebooted to make sure.

Without remoting and seeing your whole setup, it is kind of hard to figure out the issue.
I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.

I will if it gets to that. I am having the client check their system, too, just in case it’s a weird OS issue. Thanks for your replies.

this seems to be limited to Virtual Machines. Both clients are looking into that part of it.