Sporadically error when cached version is not available


We have a data mapper that contains scripting. This scripting calls JSON files located at another location. At times, the service crashes with an error.

We have the impression that it happens when the respective form is not used for an extended period (a few hours). When the form is then submitted, an error occurs, causing the service to stop. If we restart the service and submit the document again, it is processed correctly.

Service: Pres Connect Service.
Snippet of the log:
WARN: 15:57:08.505 [0037] Cached version not available, attempting to upload the file.
WARN: 15:57:09.053 [0038] Cached version not available, attempting to upload the file.
ERROR: 15:57:10.265 [0038] W3001: Error while executing plugin: Socket Error #10054
Connection reset by peer
ERROR: 15:57:10.265 [0038] 1: Error in content creation
A little later follows:
ERROR: 15:57:12.515 [0043] W3001: Error while executing plugin: Socket Error #10061

Given the response in: Cached version not available message it seems that refilling the cache may lead to problems. We cannot test this thoroughly because it occurs sporadically. Also, stopping and starting services does not immediately result in an error. How can we determine the exact cause of the error?

Kind regards,

Freek Zomer
Nedasco BV

Hello @zomer,

First of all, welcome to our online community!

Concerning the issue at hand I would recommend you to submit a ticket via our support portal and attach the following logs to the ticket so that we can investigate these logs:

  • PlanetPress Watch: C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\Log\ppw[Date].log
  • Merge Engine: C:\Users\[Username]\Connect\logs\Mergeengine\Mergeengine-[Date]-([ID]).log
  • Server: C:\Users\[Username]\Connect\logs\Server\Server-[Date]-([ID]).log

It seems that too much log information was being written when an error occurred. By no longer writing its own logs to the designer’s logger, the issue seems to be resolved. We will continue to monitor the situation.