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Spotcolor behind an image is ignored by the rip


in a connect template i have a variable image (placed in a div). The area of the image should be backprinted with a spotcolor.

In the generated pdf file I find the spotcolor (via acrobat preflight check), but the RIP (EFI version 7) ignores the spotcolor area behind the image. If I place another div with the spotcolor behind the image and the spotcolor div goes beyond the image div, the spotcolor area in the overhanging area is taken into account by the RIP (so the RIP can handle the spotcolor in principle).

i tried the following (all without success):

  • spotcolor with overprint
  • spotcolor without overprint
  • standard PDF output
  • PDF-X4 output
  • spotcolor as background color of the image div
  • Extra div with spotcolor as background color, behind/under the image div

Does anyone have any idea what else i can try?


Hi Thomas,

You might want to take this to an EFI forum as it looks to be principally an issue with THE EFI rip? I did have a look to see if we had any experience and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on this behaviour?

Let us know how you get on and if there are any link to Connect or our software.


Hi Alex,

I have already told my customer to contact EFI. I was just hoping that someone here may have already had experience with this.

If I get another answer from my client, I will post it here.


After a long back and forth with EFI, it now turned out that the name of the spot color specified in Connect could not be assigned to the corresponding spot color in the EFI RIP. A corresponding assignment was set up there, but the software apparently did not take it over.

The customer’s solution is to use the default spotcolor name of the RIP in Connect instead of using the translation table in the RIP.