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Stop all further records#2

A topic of 2019:

is there a solution for that? Would be quite handy. E.g. depending on the input filename processing of a subset (like first 10 records) for a review/release process.

Currently we change the background/layout in Designer depending on the input filename, adding the preprinted background for customer review. The output pdf has all records, but for reviewing the first 10 would be sufficient, so need to delete unnecesary content before sending the doc to review.


In version 2019.2, we introduced an option to Stop data mapping in the Action step (in addition to the existing Skip to next record option):

This does exactly what you are looking for.

Hi @Phil,

Do you have a quick example to share?


Here’s an example that uses both features.
SkipRecordsAndStop.OL-datamapper (17.2 KB)

The data file contains records that are ordered by State. for the sake of this example, we only want to extract records whose State == “CA”.

So the configuration examines the value of the State field: if it is less than “CA” (i.e., it comes before “CA” in alphabetical order), then the process simply skips to the next record.

Once it finds CA records, it extracts them.

Then, as soon as it hits the next record that is not equal to “CA”, it stops processing the remaining records.

Phil, thx, exactly what I need!
Owe you a beer….

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Thanks for sharing unfortunately, I got an error opening the DM, saying invalid config. I’m using 2021.1.1.6675.

Can you tell me what is wrong with this config.

Stop datamapping should stop at the 10th record included, but I also get generated the 11th record, even if the DM UI displays


Here’s a 2021.1 version of the DM config I shared earlier: SkipRecordsAndStop-2021.1.OL-datamapper (18.2 KB)

As for that extra record you are getting with your config, I believe it is due to an issue we fixed in version 2022.2 (the Stop DM action always created one additional record).

Thank you
Will upgrade to 2022.2 soon