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Store Datamapper Values in a Database


Is it possible to store datamapper values in a database like Account Name and Address?

Well, technically they’re already stored in a database. But I assume you want to put them in some other database, right?

There are probably a lot of ways to accomplish this.

You could, for example, output the records in metadata when the datamapper runs in Workflow. You also have the option of outputing to JSON or XML here too. That file could then be parsed and pushed into a database through a script.

I have found the ‘db’ object in the datamapper to suit me best, since this is the fastest approach with no extra steps, to access a database. Though I only read data from the DB, it should be possible to do any kind of transaction.


I had tried to output the records in metadata, in the workflow, but after reading more and more entries it gets gradually slower, so I had to access the data straight from the source (datamapper).