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Strange artefacts during print with workflow


we are running into strange problems with the invoice creation during workflow.
We have special times when billing is excecuted. Within this we get spool-files from the AS/400.
The most invoices are created correctly, and then within the excecution, “dark black lines” are printed over the adress fields of the invoices.

We do not know what causes these “artefacts”, a recreation with the designer (print with output-preset), do not show these artefacts. A reboot of the planet-press server solves this problem for a time, but we can not say, if the next run is ok or not.

We have informed the german support, but it seems, that the problem itself is not reproducible, and was given to the development department.

Has anyone a similar problem, and eventually a solution for this?

Many thanks


Do you use any images as a background?

No, we do not use any background images, and the table has no background-color.
Only the border-color is black.

If the R&D of OL is on the issue, then you are in good hand.
However, it could be memory related or CPU going at 100%.
Do you have ways to track the memory usage and CPU usage? If you do, I would compare when it happen and the CPU and memory usage.
Have you tried clean (might require OL support) uninstalling and re-installing your Connect? Could also be a corruption.

Some details to the system:
PlanetPress Connect runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 VM.
CPU: 2,10 GHz, 4 Cores
RAM: 20 GB

And how many cores for the CPU?

I got a template from support, but when I try to print from the designer, the process stagnates at 1%, and then nothing happens, and no errors occurs.

Where can I look, to find an error or something else.
Support is informed about the problem.

If no errors occur, you won’t find errors in some logs either…better leave Support helping you in troubleshooting this…