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Stuck viewing a thumbnail in Designer

I’m connected to a server remotely (RDP) and the Designer is stuck so the design page is just a tiny thumbnail. I’ve tried to relaunch holding CTRL, but it does not seem to working. How can I reset the design page view so I can see the document?

Let’s start with the obvious things:

  • Use the View | 100% menu option.
  • If that fails, try the Window | Reset Perspective… menu option, then try again resetting the view to 100%.

Also, you might want to make sure your RDP settings are set to full screen and that the Use all my monitors… option isn’t ticked. Perhaps the last person that saved the settings did so on a 4K monitor.

I appreciate the assistance. After logging out/disconnecting from the VPN and then reconnecting again the issue resolved itself. I completely forgot about the Window | Reset Perspective otherwise I would have tried that before I logged out.

I do have a huge monitor high resolution, so it might have caused the issue. I was set to full screen and have never used the Use all my monitors setting because I would not want to fill up all my monitors with the same server. I’m constantly referring to other information on another screen anyway.

Thanks again

I have a customer who is stuck in thumbnail view and the above methods don’t appear to be working for them. Any other tricks getting it to reset. Does have a huge monitor, but nothing seems to work getting the view to show the entire document, just a small portion with scroll bars