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SwiftSort Plugin

Hi, Does anyone know if the SwiftSort plugin can accept metadata as a source of data?

I have tried and can see the address as the metadata (that i have added, but doesn’t seem to work for me.

Thanks in advance

What’s the SwiftSort plugin? It’s definitely not something that gets installed natively with the application.

Hi Phil, thanks for replying, it the Mailsort and PAF plug-in that OL are packaging together (it’s a OL UK created plugin )

I reached out to my colleagues across the pond, they should be able to answer your question soon.

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It does work with metadata. Are you getting any kind of error? What does not work?

Make sure that your datamapper output is set to Metadata (not just IDs in metadata). Then in the plugin define your input map selecting your address fields - there is a handy “Get Field Name” function in context menu of each field. You can use “Save sample” button to generate sample data for your SwiftSort project.
In the Output Map you decide which fields you need back from SwiftSort. Please note that they have to exist in metadata, as they will not be created.