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Table page breaks


Do standard tables break across pages? I’m having trouble getting a table to page-break. It’s static and not a detail table.

Please advise.


Today breaking static tables is only possible by adding the ‘data-breakable’ attribute to the


You could do that in the Source view or via a script. The latter will only show in Preview mode or when generating output.


(Apologies for hijacking this thread jim)

Hi Erik,

Just seen this and was surprised this was not handled by Connect by default. So I wrote a quick script to add the attribute. For Jim’s sake, in case he needs to know what I did, I will just explain what I did to accomplish this. I added a static table with 200 blank rows to my template. I made the Header 50mm, footer 30mm in Master Page 1 - Properties. The table ID is table. Added a script to the template with a selector called #table tr. Then this code.

var i;
for(i = 0; i <= 200; i++){
	results.attr('data-breakable', i);

Now to my question to @Erik. When adding the static table to the template, the table creates a second page and moves to that page leaving the table highlighted in red. Now this is a pain for designing in Design mode. How can I stop this? If I change the table to Fixed then the overflow does not work but the table remains on the first page and is not red.



The page break algorithm marks unbreakable elements with a red background (e.g. it measures the height and calculates if this fits the remaining space, I guess fixed breaks this logic). The only way to workaround this for static tables in Design mode is by adding the data-breakable attribute in the Source view. Admittedly this is not convenient.

We ‘plan’ to introduce splitable static tables in 2019.2. This is currently being researched. We bumped into some unwanted side effects that we need to address. Secondly we need to make sure we don’t break existing templates. I cannot guarantee that it makes 19.2.


I tried that in the source and it is not working. Am I doing something wrong? EDIT: (What I mean is, it works in Preview but the table is still red in Design)



Probably my bad, I tested it in a 2019.1 pre-release. :grimacing: (I need to recheck in 2018.2).


No worries. I don’t use static tables that often, so I can wait. Not sure about Jim though. But I think most of his questions were answered with my inquisitiveness. :smile:


Yes - something in my form must be broken as data-breakable wouldn’t do it.

Good to know more about how the designer is thinking though so thanks for that.