Table rowspan and multiple pages


I’m trying to group table cells across multiple rows with rowSpan property. In preview (Connect designer 2023.2) everything works great, but when I run Proof print it’s not so great (same result is when I run it thru Connect server. I’ve attached sample template/datamapper and the resulting PDF document. The first 15 pages have incorrect output, but from page 16 everything is OK.

Any solution/workaround?

rowSpan multuple (59.0 KB)


Hey there,

Just saw your template real quick, you have standard script that adds rows to an existing table and post script that modifies the row span. It may be helpful to make your table dynamic. Or do the table creation in one place. But if you have a reason why you set it up this way. Your template may benefit from using merge.section.paginate()

Similar to what I was doing:

Hope it gives you some insight.


I can’t use rowSpan during table creation since I don’t know where page breaks will occur. Connect does not split this cell correctly on a page break.
I’ve tried to call paginate and it doesn’t work either. With this method, the first page in output starts with group 54 (first 15 pages are missing), and there are some extra table headers at the end of the document.

Hi @darkovuj,

Add a control script with:

merge.context.sections["Section 1"].batchedDOMPagesThreshold = 99999

Note that 99999 is just an arbitrarily high number.

15 pages is the cutoff point for batched pagination. This feature is meant to improve performance and reduce memory stress for templates that generate many pages per record.

During output, for each record, every time 15 pages have been generated, those pages are replaced by a placeholder and stored separately. The pages are restored on demand when printing. Unfortunately there are edge cases (usually related to tables) where removing and restoring content doesn’t quite generate the same output.

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Yes, this works. Thanks.