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Table value will overflow for second page

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hi , i try to display html message inside the table and i found the issue on second page which the data will overlap on logo. Is it anything i can do to fixed on overlap issue ( suppose the message need to display below logo on second page).

var field, result = “”;

field = record.fields[“MKTMSG_Message”];

if (field !== “”) result += field;


Hi @john717,

Can you let us know please if the data of the table cell is static or dynamic? Can you also let us know, in case it is dynamic, where the data is coming from? Is it coming from multiple record fields or detail table record fields or is it coming from a single record field for example?

Can you also let us know how many columns the table has?

I’m asking because you’ll most likely need to break the content of a given table cell into numerous table rows in order for the table to correctly overflow to the next page.