Template disapearing


New to Node-Red but picking it up fast. This is more of a connect question i think.

I have a very basic, HTTP in, PDF preview, HTTP out flow that works great, basically the sample for the travel postcard.

I push the template with ‘Send to Server’.

By the morning the flow cannot see the template. It states it cannont find it. Sending it again gets it working again.

I presume there is some cleanup happening i’m not familiar with as send to server is new to me.

Am I performing the correct steps?

Looks like your clean-up service in the Connect Server is reming it.
You should upload your Template using the node File Upload. When you set up your flow, pay attention at the documentation of this node, especially the fileDuration property:

If specified, the value of this property must be set to either temporary or permanent . Use temporary to have the file removed at the first clean-up action on the OL Connect server. Use permanent to keep it available in the OL Connect File Store.

If I am not mistaken, the default for that property is permanent

This is the sort of answer i was expecting with the flag.

Do i need to run this every time or can i just have a triggered flow that will do it when i need it?

I’ve pushed it with a inject node so i can upload it when i need it. I’ll confirm tomorrow if it has worked.

Nevermind what I said with the File Upload node. That is for the data to be sent to the Connect Server…my bad…switching from Workflow to Node-Red kinda get me confused :wink:

I will enquire more at the expected behavior in node-RED environment and will post back here.

I check with our Node-RED guru @Erik and he confirm that when you send the Connect resources from the Connect Designer to the Connect Server (that is a lot of Connect :wink: ), they are defaulted to permanent, hence they shouldn’t disappear from the filestore.

You can check for this here C:\Users\<your user>\Connect\filestore\workflow:

  • config = Datamappers
  • datafile = data
  • template = Templates

If it is no longer there and you had sent it from the Designer, I suggest you open a technical support ticket via our website. When you do, mention that the Connect resources get cleaned-up when they aren’t supposed to. Do not open this ticket as a Node-RED issue as Node-RED has yet to be supported by our support department. Anyhow, if they have disappeared (the Connect resources) than it isn’t a Node-RED issue.

If it is still there, then the issue is with Node-Red or you flow’s logic, in which case I suggest you share your flow in which the issue occurs so we can check it. Please remove any private key or password that would be written in your code before doing so.

Thanks for your help so far.

I checked this morning and the file pushed via file upload is still there when pushed with fileupload.

I followed your sample template guide to find out how to push the template when i first started testing node, and pushed with ‘send to server’ from designer. It was the only information I found on how to do so.

When I noticed it was erroring yesterday i looked in the filestore and i had a folder for the template (i.e. travel.OL-template10756455107273947) but it was empty, its certainly not a node issue as you say, but is impeding node operating.

I think I will do another test with a new template using send to server as I have been, and monitor the filestore folder. I will let you know if it clears and then contact support if it does.
I’ll also check with our infrastructure guy that the exceptions for the filestore folder is set in our AV.

Server Config is set to clear orphaned files at 8 hours so it’s likely this that’s happening.

I’m on 2022.2.1.13107, Node is 1.2.6.