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Test license vs backup license

I want to setup a test server, now we are offered two licenses.

a backup and a test license.
The test license is significantly cheaper because it has watermark on the output and I am told that the http server cannot be accessed outside of the server.

is it true that you van only use http on the server itself? or does anyone has a workaround for this?
if it can only be used in the internal network that wouldn’t be a problem.

The HTTP Server will only accept incoming requests from localhost, not from the internal network. In addition, emails can only be sent to a single test account.

There is (hopefully!) no workaround, otherwise ill-advised users might want to start using a test license for production purposes.

Thank you for you answer, I kind of knew this allready but I think there should be a better way to setup an test enviroment.

My thoughts would be that there should be two workflows in one license. Testing workflows is really difficult to do if you have only one license. at least that’s how I am experiencing it.