Text Data with nothing to repeat other than number of lines

I have some text data with detail lines that has nothing to hang a repeat on.
The good news is I have a fixed number of lines for the detail section.
I believe that I’ve done this before, but I can’t seem to remember how.

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In the preprocessor step, create an integer property named Lines with its scope set to Record, and an initial value equal to the fixed number of lines in your detail table.

Then create a loop with the following parameters:

The Counter extractor property automatically gets incremented with each iteration of the loop. So with each iteration, the loop checks if its value has reached the maximum value set in your Record.Lines property. When it has, it stops looping.

I must be missing something. The steps are happy, but I’m not getting all the lines.
Running 2020.2

The check is on the first line only and not repeating

The Go-To prior to the repeat sets to line 6

Set the preprocessor property as an integer and set to 20

Set the repeat condition

Here are my steps

I was thinking that I needed to do a javascript with steps.currentPosition.toString();, but this was not working either.

I had to delete the old repeat and start new. Something was off even though I don’t know what.