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Text scripts with selectors in snippets

Trying to speed up a template by adding a selector or selectors. The scenario is numerous snippets (10-20) being called by a script that loads the snippet based on a field value. The @FIELDS@ on each snippet are contained within DIV’s with ID’s that are unique to the snippet. The @FIELDS@ are common to all the snippets

Are multiple selectors supported in a text script (delimited with a comma) and is there a limit?


The text scripts can be put in a folder to limit the execution scope, but appear to be limited to the context/section.

I would like to limit the scripts execution to the snippets if possible?

Yes, multiple selectors are possible, separated by comma. As if there is a limit, I doubt it, perhaps someone with more in-depth knowledge of the back-end could confirm or infirm.

The folder, in the scripts pane, are solely for the user to manage his scripts. They are a visual aid, nothing more. They do not influence scope.

Using ID should be enough to limit your scope as ID’s are “supposed” to be unique.

I’m referring to the execution scope on the folder properties.


My bad…I was not aware of this property of our folders…good to know.

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