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Text wrapping around pre printed images

Hi all

We have pre-printed A4 stock, the preprint has images left and right (circles/squares) which we need to wrap the text around, 3 sheets, 6 sides.

The problem is that the copy has variable paragraphs, in turn, some of these paragraphs contain variable content. how can I define the places the copy can’t go on the page? using Indesign, we can fix image boxes over the preprint images and have the copy wrap around them or set text boxes to flow from one to another, these are fixed to the page, not the content and this seems to work.

So far, every way we have tried with the designer is based on formatting the copy but due to the variables the copy could be anywhere on the page so this doesnt work. As far as i know, you cant flow text from one section to another so it has to be all done in one section. positioned boxes cant flow to each other so i’m at a bit of a loss…

Any help would be appreciated, i’m beginning to think the designer is based around transactional print as opposed to creative design

Hi @richardTabram,

Can you please share a anonymized version (1) of the used Data Mapping Configuration (.OL-datamapper) and Template (.OL-template) files?

(1) A anonymized version as in a version from which all sensitive information is removed.

Hi @richardTabram,

Here’s my attempt at wrapping paragraphs with variable content around square boxes on the left and right. Not sure if it can be made to fit your use case, but perhaps it will give you some inspiration. Note that wrapping around a circle might be problematic in the current version of Connect.

The neat thing about the way this is set up is that you can select and resize the orange and blue boxes in design mode and see the effects in real time. You can give the orange boxes a width of zero, they only serve to push down the blue boxes.

Float.OL-template (7.4 KB)

Thank you for this setup, we had something similar but we didn’t have the orange boxes controlling the placement of the blue, this works really well. One question with this, we have images on all 6 sides of the preprint. I see how well it works on page/side 1 because all the div tags are at the top of the page, how do I then configure the boxes for the remaining pages? as the copy is variable wherever I put the div tags for page 2 etc may not end on the page i’m trying to set

I adapted the template for multiple pages: Float.OL-template (7.6 KB)

As far as I can tell the output looks okay; content breaks are at the expected positions.

All floating divs need to be placed before the variable content, so the source consists of five divs per page followed by the paragraphs. The fifth div takes up remaining page space so that the next div starts at the top of the next page.

One thing I noticed that if you is that if you drag the resize gripper of the fifth div to snap to the bottom page margin, the div sometimes gets pushed down to the next page. There appears to be some kind of rounding error. Instead of using the resize gripper you may have to go to the source and change the height manually.

Hey Sander, thanks for this solution and your time, looks like it will do exactly what I want
Thanks again, Richard