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Thank you to everyone on these Forums

More feedback then anything: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone from OL who works on these forums, as well as anyone else who participates – my team and I work with many other forums for many other products, and I really and truly appreciate the answers and time that’s put into this page. The fact that I know I can ask any question and have an answer reasonably quickly is a testament to your team.


Wow… people usually only take the time to ask questions or complain, so getting this kind of praise is heartwarming. I feel like it’s us who should be thanking you!

It must also be said that a lot of contributors in these forums are other users just like you and they sometimes provide insight that allow us, at Objectif Lune, to improve our knowledge of our own applications. So for that, we are even more thankful.

Wow indeed… and much appreciated. Feedback like this is a good start for the day! Cannot agree more with Phil.


This site has to be one of the best in terms of support for a product that I truly enjoy working with. The OL staff here are super active and extremely helpful.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to share info and lend a helping hand!!



Totally agree. I haven’t had to ask many questions yet, but whenever I did I got a quick and helpful reply! Much appreciated!

That’s very encouraging feedback, I really appreciate it and couldn’t agree more with the others here.
Keep those questions coming …:slight_smile:

Totally agree!