The setup failed to install the Connect Server Windows Service


I wanted to upgrade 2022.2 to enterprise 2023.2 on my laptop. It didn’t work at first so I figured I’d do a clean install, toss the user data.

After installing, I get the error “The setup failed to install the Connect Server Windows Service.” I now have a MariaDB Server service running, but there’s no trace of any OL service.

Your insight would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about the installer, but there should be a log file in %ProgramData%\Objectif Lune\Installation Logs. Perhaps it provides more information.

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I checked the log - it’s generally the first thing to do when something fails
It pointed me to the ServerService.wrapper.log but last time(s) I missed this: turns out I was mixing up the first and the second install screen from the wizard - I entered the wrong user credentials at the first.

I just tried again with the right information at the first screen and the installation went well this time.

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