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Thin line in shipping label not printed with PCL


after big problems with our Konica Minolta printers and postscript output, we were forced to switch to PCL-output, which led to futher problems.
The biggest at the moment is, that a thin line (hr) above a barcode is not printed in the PCL-output,
in the PDF-File, and in the postscript-out this line in the output.

The html-code for the is as followed:

<hr noshade="noshade" style="border-height:0.352778mm; width:48mm; border-style: inset; margin:0px; padding:0px; margin-bottom:1mm; margin-top:0.75mm; border-color:#000000;" align="left">

The line must be there, because there was an acceptance by the german post.
What can we in this case, i have tried different settings, in the PCL-outputpreset, but nothing helps.
The support from germany is also informed, but there is no solution till now.

Many thanks,


PCL-Output line missing
PS-Output line ok