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this.dataInstanceIterator is null. (SRV000022)

Good Morning OL support

I am getting following error during my template creation:

[0030] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: HTTP/1.1 500 There was an error running the content creation process caused by ApplicationException: TypeError: this.dataInstanceIterator is null. (SRV000022)

I noticed that this error happen when I change width: of my table for example to 7in !important

I dont know why

Where I can check log, or find rootcause?

Already created escalation for OL support #204171

I have no idea why this error occured.
I checked and it was again problem with table break. With some reason on huge amount of data records, it doesnt want to break correctly.

I detected breaking problem on some large documents (with larg amount of pages)

The red overlay was displayed because dynamic table was not breaking over the pages.

This was rootcause. I think breaking algorithm is not able to break multiple inner tables inside.

I rewrote everything into table script.

Hi Odyn,

You are correct the table breaking algorithm does not split nested tables. The best approach to handle nested detail data is to stack table rows in your main table following the logic of the Dynamic Table Breaking logic/wizard introduced in 2020.2.


For future reference see:

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