Time format in Workflow log

We have noticed that the time format in the PPW log switches between 24 hr and 12 hr time.
Noticed in 2023.1

Is there a way to set the time format to a specific format? For example 24hr

Do you happen to know if the time format in Windows hasn’t been changed around the same time? The reason why I am asking this is because I noticed that the time format in the PlanetPress Watch log changed after I changed the time format in Windows on the environment on which I have installed OL Connect (Enterprise) Workflow.

I’ve noticed this behavior on two different servers (different customers with different environments and versions). I only noticed it because we have a process that copies and reads the workflow logs and send out an email with any errors with x number of hours of the current time. We noticed occasional errors where we were not handling the change in the date format. It seems that some processes prefer one format and other processes prefer the other, no in-depth analysis, just an observation.

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This is an old known issue. The date-time format in the logs is supposed to be fixed (as in “constant”, not “repaired”). But somehow, sometimes, something triggers a change to the system-defined format. We’ve never been able to identify the source or the cause, and, to be honest, it never had any priority for a fix, given the annoying-but-benign nature of the problem.

I never would have noticed it, except for the process that evaluates the workflow log looking for errors using datediff to narrow down the time frame. We typically perform the check every 3 hrs. Sometimes the script is just looking for errors, but other times looking for specific errors for different responses or recipients. Working on code to convert the different time formats into a single format so the datediff works consistently.

Alternatively, you could change the system format settings so that the date and time formats match those used by Workflow (or rather, those that WF is supposed to be using). Though, this is a global setting, so it may affect other software on the system.

Tried it, but ran into other issues so had to revert back.