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Tray selection for a PCL job

I have a PCL job that needs to pull from different trays (According to a banner indicator). Banner needs to pull from tray 1 and content for invoice needs to pull from tray 2.
In my output creation, I have mapped the trays according to their media.
When the job prints, it grabs the starting banner page from tray 1, which is correct.
It then prints the invoice from tray 2, which is also correct.
When the next banner indicator appears, the job continues printing from tray 2 and does not grab from tray 1.
If it works for the start of the job, should it not work for the rest in selecting the correct tray?
I am new at this. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

In a case like this, opening a support ticket is your best course of action. It requires us to remote at your site, look at your Template Output Preset, investigate on the printer you are using, possibly trying to achieve the same result via the PCL driver of your printer.

I doubt we can help you through this forum in a timely manner, without access to your resources.

Thank you for the response.