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Turkish character problem

Hi, everybody;
I am using the 2019.2 version workflow. I can’t use Turkish characters in the Program (ı,İ,ş,ğ,Ğ). Temporarily 3. I’ve prepared the party python script and I’m making corrections with it. What do I need to do to use Turkish characters in a workflow?


Our lead architect tells me it works fine if you make sure to do the following:

  • In Workflow Configuration, set the language to English with the Use System Default Locale option turned on
  • In the Windows control panel, set the Language for non-Unicode programs (a.k.a. change the system locale) to Turkish
  • Switch to Turkish keyboard

Hi Phil;

I’ve done your step-by-step procedures. But the result has not changed I still can not use Turkish characters :frowning_face:

The second screen shot is not the default system locale. Please refer to this article to see how to change the system locale.


Wonderful! :slight_smile: I guess I didn’t look where I should have looked first. Thanks for the help