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Turning off a Performance Pack server


I want to turn off a server for a few days that has one of our performance packs on, but don’t want workflow to fall over if it’s turned off. Do I need to change something in the config for workflow so it doesn’t try using it? Have been asking support for a couple of weeks now but not getting anywhere

I’ll be bringing the server back up so don’t need to change anything with licencing etc

I am assuming that your have a Main Connect server using cluster over other servers?

Hi Yes thats correct. 1 main server with 2 performance packs on separate servers, so 3 in total

Workflow doesn’t know about that. When you send a job, it sends it to the Main Connect Server. It is it that will redistribute if need be.

I will let other OL guru answer the part about whether or not the Main Connect Server will detect a service pack missing and simply not try to use it or not, as I, sadly, do not possess that knowledge.


I’m sure I’ve seen something somewhere about setting config\preferences for connect server where you could for example set how long metadata was stored within the OL Connect database but can’t remember how I got to it. Do you know?

I would check in the Connect Server Configuration.
Type that in your Windows and it will come up.


Tried that but nothing came up?


Are you loggued in as the user under which Connect was installed on the workstation?


I’m not sure what user it was installed under as it was done a few years ago. We are currrently upgrading to the latest version so I’ll try it under the user we do the upgrade on


In your list of software, when you click on the Windows button, check under PlanetPress Connect folder. If it doesn’t show there, then you need to be loggued under the credentials of whoever it was installed under.