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Two Processes Running Simultaneously

Hi All,

I have two processes. The first process is triggered using data and what it does is generate statements for MMS, print, email, archive PDF’s and then proofs. When the MMS file is produced, the MMS pdf outputs to the Data In folder of Process 2. Process 1 continues to run until completion.

After Process 1 is complete, Process 2 then splits the pdf, renaming each individual file using its telephone number and converts each individual pdf to jpg and uploads them to a ftp folder.

What I really thought would happen is that when Process 1 sends the MMS file to Process 2, Process 2 would start doing its thing while Process 1 continues. However Process 2 waits till Process 1 completes before starting. Process 1 uses merge/weaverengines. Process 2 only uses run scripts, pdf splitter, math op, external program, create file, zip job, ftp out, send email plugins, so no weaver/mergeengines.

Is there a way for Process 2 to start running while Process 1 is still completing? Or does Workflow see both as large jobs and therefore queued?


You say the MMS PDF goes into the data folder for Process 2. Is this the initial folder capture that starts the process? If not, what’s triggering it? For now, I’ll assume it is the actual trigger file.

The second process should start as soon as it gets it’s trigger file (assuming scheduling conditions have been met). Even if it were using Connect actions in the process, the process itself should still start and it would simply queue up in Connect if there are no engines free to process it immediately.

Remember, Workflow itself has no concept of large/medium/small jobs. These are Connect concepts and only apply to the Connect Engines. Workflow functions on simpler mechanics. Am I scheduled to run now? Yes: check for a file. No: wait till next scheduled run. Do I have a file? Yes: start running. No: Wait.

I’d suggest double checking the time stamps you’re looking at to determine run order. For instance, if your Process 1 is doing the Create Output step as an output (branch terminator) then the timestamp listed in the Workflow logs for that action only denotes the start time of the action. The data is handed over to Connect and it finishes the job in it’s own time. Workflow, meanwhile, moves on without waiting for Connect.

Workflow will flag that action as taking maybe a few milliseconds, whereas Connect might take 5 minutes to actually complete processing and write the file to the input folder for Process 2. So it will seem like there was a delay in Process 2 starting, but in reality it was just because Connect hadn’t finished the job yet. To get the best idea of when that file was created, you’d need to check the Connect logs and compare the finish time listed there with the start time of Process 2.

Hi AlbertsN,

Yes, the MMS pdf is the trigger file for Process 2. No scheduling for both, both set to default “asap”. This afternoon before the work day ends I will be running a final test for these two processes. I will take a look at the logs to see if I am missing something and check them as you advised. It will most likely be something so obvious.

I will get back to you once I have taken a closer look. Thanks for the prompt response.


For your afternoon test, if your Create Output step is the last step, change that and add it as an Action. The last step should be set to Delete. This way, you will have proper time stamp in your Workflow logs.

Hi Guys,

I figured it out. I looked over something. It is working as expected now. Thanks for the much needed ‘kick’ in the head :slight_smile: and speedy assist.