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Unable To Edit Script


All of a sudden a template of mine wont allow me to edit any Text Script. In the Field column, the dropdown list wont dropdown. Anyone had this before? Connect 2021.1.1.

PS. Other templates are fine and tested on 2 PC’s.


I have not seen before.
may be that file is damaged, if other template are fine

Hi tosuji,

I tried with new data and previous months data. The Edit Script Field dropdown just refuses to dropdown. The Format dropdown works.

But since you mentioned it, I took an old mapper for this job and opened it and now the template is working fine. So it has something to do with my mapper then. It’s the same mapper, just modified the logic a bit due to customer data changes.

I guess I will have to start disabling or deleting steps in the mapper to see which one is causing this.

Thanks for the idea of blaming the mapper :slight_smile: , I would be looking at the template the whole time :wink: